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4 Step Procedure

Please note that some visits may be combined to speed up the process.



Your First Consultation

Your first appointment is a clinical examination to determine your orthodontic needs. We will tell you about any problems we discover and describe the necessary corrective treatment.

We will also talk about how much it is likely to cost and approximate treatment time.

Photo of our Bayonne Office Consultation Area
Panoramic and Lateral Ceph xray Machine

Diagnostic Records

If the preliminary examination indicates the need for treatment, a second appointment will be necessary. Records will be taken to help the doctor study the problems and determine the plan of treatment.


We will take impressions of teeth for study models, facial and dental photographs, and x-rays of the teeth and jaws. A co-pay may apply for these routines.



Second Consultation

During this visit, we will discuss the problems and treatment in detail while reviewing your x-rays and photographs. A financial and treatment course of action contract will be reviewed and signed. A payment plan will be finalized and a down payment will be due the same day.


If the patient will be having fixed appliances (braces) placed, we will usually place separators at this time as well.

Dr Mike points to a xray.
This is a Photo of one of our operators in our Wallington office.

Appliance Placement

At this time, we fit and cement orthodontic bands around the molars, attach brackets to the teeth, and connect your teeth together with the archwires. If Invisalign appliances were chosen, then the first set of clear trays along with attachments will be placed.


We also discuss the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and will review dietary instructions.


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